Moving in with your family into a new home can be a daunting task. Especially if you have young children. Plenty of times kids are not taken into consideration when a new apartment comes up. But don’t sweat it ! Casa Amora is uniquely made perfect for moving in with your entire family.

After all, your new house in Goa should not be bottlenecked by any shortcomings. Here are 5 reasons why your kids will love living in Goa more than anywhere else.

5. Amenities your children know and love

Casa Amora leaves no stone unturned when it comes to outdoor activities. With a massive swimming pool, gymnasium,  jogging park, 20000 Sq Mt Clubhouse and of course – A full-fledged children’s park. There is a bit of  something for everyone, no matter what their age.

The Clubhouse also includes a mini theatre. With so much to do at their whims and fancy. Your kids will never need to lay on the couch in Goa again.

4. Security is a priority

No one should have to worry about their kids safety at Casa Amora. Fully equipped with 24×7 CCTV surveillance round the year and security guard patrolling every inch of the massive grounds.

All entries and exits are securely sealed so you can be rest assured that your kiddo does not wander out.

Image courtesy : Sun Grand

3. Best Schools in Goa are right next door

Education is important. Especially in Goa. No wonder it has one of the highest literacy rates in the country. Sunshine Worldwide school is a highly reputed school in Goa that houses students right from nursery to 10th grade. Being just a kilometer away from Casa Amora, it serves as the perfect place for your children to attend. If you’re looking for State Board curriculum for your kid, then the new Cujira Educational complex  in Bambolim (housing more than 3 schools) is just 15 mins away from Casa Amora.  

Goa Medical College is one of the oldest med schools in Asia. Highly sought out by students in Goa and beyond. This one also happens to be pretty close to Casa Amora.

Goa Medical College

Image courtesy : Navhind Times

2. There’s a whole lot to explore nearby

The Kadamba plateau is a historically rich part of Goa that’s home to several beautiful islands like Divar, historic locations like Bom Basilica and not to forget – the vast open countryside. Just grab a bike or walk, your kids will never know what they might discover every day.

If photography is your child’s passion then there’s no better place to do so than here. From migratory birds, abandoned structures to the amazing untouched scenery, the serene Carambolim Lake is just minutes away from Casa Amora.

The quiet nameless fort which is just blocks away

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1. Nothing in Goa can be boring

Rarely will you ever find someone who doesn’t like Goa. The food, the people, the culture and the everything. There’s simply nothing that anyone wouldn’t like. Anyone young, especially the teenage kids will love heading over to Panjim which is just a few kilometers away.

And North Goa is not all there is, of course. The South Goa is home to plenty of roads less travelled. The locales there are perfect for long, seemingly never ending road trips. Complete it with the perfect Goan climate and you’re all set to have a gala time with your kids. Oh and the beaches…need we say more?

Still not in love with Goa yet? Need more reasons to move in? Head over to our other blogs for detailed insight on life at Casa Amora Goa.

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