With 2018 all set, don’t miss the opportunity to live in the moment. If your gadgets are always the latest and greatest, why should your flat or apartment in Goa look like it’s from 2004? Even if your house isn’t new, how about giving it a much needed makeover?

Read on to check out 7 awesome tips to give your Goa villa a 2018 trend overhaul. And don’t worry, you don’t need a massive budget either for the most part.

7. Set your plan first

A great thing about buying a new apartment in Goa is that  you have a blank canvas. Every corner is yours to master. Decide where the couch should go. Should the flat screen be on the wall or on a table? What about the lighting?

Do you plan on giving your new home a warm Indian look or a cool western one?

Manglam’s Casa Amora in Goa offers plenty of room for you to put forth all your ideas in your new property in Goa. .

This house for instance has a warm feel to it. Wood and proper lighting are essential.

Image courtesy : Homify

6. Lighting is your best friend

You’d be surprised to know how much of a difference a little proper lighting can make to your home sweet home. It’s not even a particularly expensive affair. Some great lighting will set you back less than 5 grand. So why not try it out. Avoid tube lights, instead use small CFLs or LED embedded into the ceiling.

Quirky lighting can give your new house a unique persona. Did you know that Casa Amora Housing in Goa is blessed with sunlight for a better part of the year?  So why not make the most of it with some extra large windows.

Image courtesy : FreshHome

5. A minimalist bedroom can go a long way

Contrary to popular belief, a king size bed should not have a king sized palace all around it. Keeping your bedroom simple not only looks very modern but can also help you sleep better. Avoid TV’s and keep the paint as light as possible. Preferably white.

Black decals will go well along with the white paint. Natural lighting is highly recommended along with darker curtains.

Image courtesy : HomeDepot

4. Monochrome Room Decor on a trend

Sometimes white can be a little too, well – white. So why not try out Monochrome?

This will make your new condo look contemporary and fuss free. You can opt for grey shades in your furniture, walls, decorative elements and other such spaces.

If mature and classy are your forte, then this trend is for you.

Image courtesy : MapleTree

3. Bathroom design is underrated

It is said that the average Joe rules his home from his toilet seat. So don’t let the bathroom be boring. Make your Bathroom Interiors fit for a king. Vibrant tiles and polished concrete are the best of friends and we think you’ll agree they look amazing here.

Bathtubs should be avoided as pretty much most people stop using them after a few weeks. Opt for a shower enclosure instead to complete the modern look.

Modern ceramics are essential.

Image courtesy : Interior One

2. Patterns for the win

Is there anything that screams modern more than abstract geometric patterns? Probably not. Pentagons, squares, circles and even triangles. Different geometric patterned walls create a visually stunning image by giving your room the ultra-modern look. See what suits you the best.

But remember, this trend should be used only on dominant spaces and not everywhere.  Patterns used on wall décor and accent elements can be a great finishing touch.

Image courtesy : Homify

1. The floor matters

If there was any single aspect very essential in the process of building a modern home, it would be the floor. Thankfully, the choice is pretty straightforward. The best choice is wood. However since wood can be pretty expensive, ceramic white tiles are also a good alternative.

If you’re opting for the tiles then adding a bit of black in there would be great too. See what suits you and your budget the best.  

Image courtesy : Tumblr

We’ve got a modern home for a modern you. Feel free to call us on 83-9017-7555 for a free guided tour of Casa Amora at your convenience.

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