Planning to buy a shiny 2 BHK or perhaps even a 3 BHK flat in Kadamba Plateau? Before you start wondering about what you could possibly do nearby, here’s something for you to know. There’s quite a lot of interesting things to do actually, around Kadamba Plateau Goa. From watching your favourite wildlife in a natural habitat to some very delightful and scenic views at Chorao and Divar, you’ve got a plenty of choices to pick from.

And with Panjim city right around the corner, the list is pretty much endless. Here is our top Pick of 7 things that you can do near your brand new apartment at Kadamba Plateau Goa.

6. Head out for a short drive in Goa

Manglam’s Casa Amora is blessed with a highly efficient network of roads and highways that offer seamless transport pretty to much anywhere in Goa. Simply get aboard your vehicle and drive along. A great time to carry out your short road trip is during monsoons in Goa, which is fast approaching. Even the Ribandar Patto Bridge along the scenic Mandovi River is just 5 minutes away from here.

Photo: Rajan Parrikar

5. Plenty of Goan landmarks to visit

The Kadamba Plateau in Goa seems to have no shortage of historic locations to gaze upon. There’s the Viceroys Arch in Old Goa, St. Augustine’s Tower and many more. In fact, the topic is so vast that we have a guide for all your historic adventures near Manglam’s Casa Amora, you can read right here.

Basillica Of Bom Jesus

Image courtesy : Debmulha Mukherjee

4. Festivities of Goa round the year

Being right next to Panjim guarantees a plethora of events round the year. Be it The International Film Festival of India (IFFI 2018) , Goa Food and Culture festival, Carnaval, Shigmo and perhaps even a grand Church feast. In fact, Panjim is always lively with something or the other going down on a weekly basis.

Living nearby is highly recommended if you want to stay in the loop without losing your peace of mind. And Kadamba Plateau Goa is a great choice to buy a new flat and enjoy the best of both worlds.

IFFI Goa , Panjim


3. Enjoy Kadamba Plateau’s perfect weather

Hate that constant flooding year after year? Year round smog got you on your nerves? Winters are too cold but the summers are too hot? Goa doesn’t care. It’s pleasantly sunny for the better part of the year. While the moderate monsoons bring much needed lush greenery. And since Manglam’s Casa Amora is located amidst a green habitat and on a plateau, the temperature is always temperate out here.  So just head out in your free time and walk around your new apartment at Kadamba Plateau. You’ll never get bored again.


2. Pool or Beach? You Choose!

Your new home should have all the amenities you need. Manglam’s Casa Amora leaves no stone unturned when it comes to giving you the best luxury. Head on over to the massive swimming pool and enjoy your perfect day in Goa. Or.. Or.. The Bambolim & Miramar beaches are at a distance of less than half an hour from your new home. Go take a dip there if you want to make the most of living in Goa.


1. Birdwatching at its best in Goa

Named after India’s best-known ornithologist, the Salim Ali Bird sanctuary on Chorao Island is home to some to some of beautiful migratory birds. The best part is that this island is just a few kilometers away.

A walk along the muddy trail is a great way to catch a glimpse of the exotic birds in Goa.

Don’t forget your binoculars and of course a camera.

Credits: Manju Acharya

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